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CDP is non-profit and non-governmental national organization of Nepal. It has 3 units of volunteering works i.e. National volunteer, International volunteer and Internship as a work volunteers. It is most important tool of the organization to share their experiences, learning and good practice to volunteers to provide their efforts and the organization is expecting to gain new knowledge and skills from national and international comer with different system and culture to develop the organization. It is also good opportunity of CDP and Nepalese communities. But all volunteers request to give respect to Nepalese culture and system, practices. CDP has produce volunteers rules and regulations for DO and DO NOT guideline during the organization stay.

A volunteer may desire to work at an organization’s charitable events with or without pay and may even request to do so purely volunteer work. The national volunteers are giving their contribution, effort and time free without any pay from the organization. The volunteer works contribute to develop projects, integrated programs, organizations, fundraising and scaling up the organization.

National Volunteers:

CDP Nepal is promoted volunteering platform of Nepali youths to provide their volunteer works for their country and fighting poverty. National volunteers are inspired, enrolled, trained and engaged in various relief works, rehabilitation, reconstruction efforts during the different disaster period. The National volunteers lead sustainable development efforts to help prevent the occurrence of such disasters in the future



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