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On-going Programs

CDP is a humanitarian and multi sector skills expertise team to work towards with marginal, vulnerable and poor community development works through training, workshop, seminar, research and integrate programme of education, health, infrastructure, livelihood, agriculture, trade, food security, community forest management, HIV/AIDs, water sanitation, and income generate activity implementation for sustainable community development, which is focused on child right protection, good governance, right based, partnership, gender equity promotion and social inclusive approaches. The CDP is involvement in integrated programme development activities for marginal, poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged children and women in remote community for raising their justice and equity due to following activities.

Programme Components & Activities


  • Raising Awareness about health care rights through advocacy and mobilization
  • Support of the government immunization programme
  • Support to construction and Re-construction of health facilities building
  • Assist family planning counselling and treatment and health education at school and in the community
  • Assist to health post to safe delivery service to antenatal and postal care
  • Support to DPH program in community level and health outreach clinics



  • Equip school teachers in remote and poor communities with teaching techniques to create better teaching and learning environments
  • Facilitate women literacy classes in remote and poor communities where is no access to government facilities
  • Improve school infrastructure in project target areas
  • Coaching about child rights, particularly of girls for students, teachers, school management committees and parent teacher associations
  • Street drama and documentary shows in the community and in school, illustrating th importance of education
  • Raise awareness of social issues (trafficking, child labour etc) through education and documentary shows
  • Support education stationery, school bags and school time snacks to community school children
  • Coaching to women and children non-formal education (NFE) classes in community



  • Training on improve kitchen garden, small vegetable farming and livestock farming
  • Training on vegetable nursery management and marketing
  • Trainings for income generation such as cash crops and been keepings
  • Distribution of sprinkle kit, poly bag and plastics for poly tunnels
  • Distribution of improved seeds and livestock to increase productivity
  • Training on vacation skills development in different subjects
  • Training on fund management and fund mobilization skills
  • Support to establish micro-saving and credit programme at deprived communities


Community encouragement program:

  • Senior citizen respect programme launched collaboration partnership with Lalitpur District Development Committee office overall district
  • Disabled children, women and men respect programme launched collaboration with different organizations
  • Established practice to conduct once a month on Saturday cleaning campaigning in different community
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